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LTD Company has been, since it’s inception, an active part of the Bedford, and greater New Hampshire community. Founded by President Lorrie Determann in 1984, we have always prided ourselves in our quality of work for clients of all sizes and budgets. During the first ten years of business, LTD Company represented many retail and shopping centers, becoming well known for complete marketing services, public relations, design and extraordinary special event creation and production. LTD Company became the “event gurus” for New Hampshire, creating some of the largest special events in the state, including the Granite State Duck Race, a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club that ran for 10 years and became one of the largest fundraisers in the state.

Over the years LTD Company has built a wide client roster of over a hundred businesses, ranging from non-profits to businesses of all sizes and services throughout the New Hampshire community.

We’ve always been less about landing the big fish, and more focused on growing the pond.

our mission…

At LTD, we focus on building relationships. From clients to vendors, customers to press, our relationships are what makes us stand out as an agency. This is why we keep our clients for years upon years (and some even decades). We get to know our clients and learn their businesses from the inside out. We know that for small and medium sized businesses, every marketing dollar needs to count.

We take ideas from spark to finish!

Our unique approach to creative services allows professional marketing help for even the most modest budgets. It starts with a comprehensive marketing plan and budget that brings a business savvy approach to the creative process. We pride ourselves in our ability to get results efficiently and cost effectively. Our clients rely on us to spend their money as it was our own. When we join your team, you can trust our people and our process will be one of the best business decisions you’ve ever made.

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LTD Company was, is, and forever will be an owner-operated advertising agency. Through our nearly 35 year history, we’ve kept our organization honed to a small and nimble team of experts, thus allowing us to be fast on our feet, constantly refining and evolving to meet out clients’ ever-changing needs. LTD Company typically employs a full time staff of 5. While many large agencies can become lost in their own size, staying lean allows LTD company to move quickly and efficiently to create solutions for every opportunity, as fast as they arise.

As a small agency consisting of seasoned professionals we are extremely proud of our reputation for great creative work. To keep our standards as high as possible, ALL of our work is done in-house. While we have 4-5 remote specialists available to consult with (should something come up that we are not experts in), every piece, website, campaign or script that LTD Company delivers was built by us. This ensures that we are able to respond quickly to requests, giving your business our complete focus and hitting deadlines that larger agencies just cannot accommodate.

All said and done, we are a tight, passionate team of dedicated individuals.

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