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It’s all about that big idea. That one gem of a thought that will take your business to the next level. But, wait. Even if you have a glimmer of an idea, how do you make it happen? You call in the pros at LTD Company… why?

Because we…





our specialties

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the finish

LTD Company was founded in in Bedford, NH. We are a full-service advertising agency that has worked with clients of all sizes, focusing on personalized service since 1984. We don’t use the same plans for everyone. Our ideas are good because they are creative, specific to our clients, and focus on cost-effective marketing solutions. 

Repeat after us: No three-martini lunches! We understand that time is money, and we make it a point not to waste either. We allocate your money like it is our own, and squeeze every bit out of even the leanest advertising/marketing budget.

Full-service agency… What does that mean?

It means that our top-notch creative utilizes every marketing tool available to help your business grow.

We start with comprehensive marketing plans, skilled media buying, intelligent graphic design, compelling copywriting, and messaging that truly represents your business.

We can help you in one of these areas, or we can assist you with all of them – for the long term or for one-time projects.

Our work has but one purpose: to get you noticed.

ready to connect?

If you’re planning to succeed in business for the long term, you need a commitment to quality advertising, strategic planning and consistent image building. You need a creative partner. Call us.  Our portfolio is filled with success stories we’d love to share.

Where there’s spark, there’s fire – we’ll bring the matches!

LTD Company

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